Terms & Conditions of Hire

Clients are advised to read our Terms & Conditions carefully. Acceptance of and payment for a booking is acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. If clients have any queries contact a member of the Go Mobility Now team.

  1. The customer understands the scooter hired is UNINSURED. The customer is responsible for any damage or loss to the scooter or any other property should there be an accident or if the scooter is stolen.
  2. If the scooter is lost, stolen or not returned the customer agrees to pay the supplier the value of the machine determined by the supplier.
  3. The customer agrees that if the scooter is damaged in any way including accidental damage and or if it is returned with any missing or damaged parts, the customer agrees to pay for parts and labor for the repair of the machine up to the machines value.
  4. The customer fully agrees not to abuse the mobility scooter or and to follow safe operating procedures.
  5. The customer understands and agrees to fully recharge the batteries after each use. The customer has been made aware by reading this agreement that if the batteries are flattened due to not recharging, the batteries may expire and may need replacement. Should this occur the customers agrees to pay for new replacement batteries.
  6. If the batteries or any part of the scooter were to fail due to normal wear & tear, a fault or non-abuse reasons, Go Mobility Now will replace the battery/s, parts or offer an alternative machine at no charge or refund the unused portion of the hire. I also understand that if the machine were to fail for any reason outside of our delivery area Go Mobility Now are unable to offer an exchange or repair on the machine until the machine is in the before mentioned delivery area. Transporting the machine to El Masnou and back to the hirer is at the hirer´s expense.
  7. The customer understands that if a puncture were to happen the customer will meet the cost of repair to the tire and tube.
  8. The customer understands extended use or storage of the machine in direct wet weather (Rain) will result in electrical water damage to the machine. The customer agrees to pay the repairs for any such water damage if it were to occur.
  9. Customers returning the machine: I understand overdue charges apply if the machine is being returned late.
  10. Customers paying for pick up: I the hirer understand that if the machine is not available for pickup at the booked time resulting in an extra pick up trip I the customer authorizes Go Mobility Now to charge my credit card or deposit for the extra pick up trip charge.
  11. The customer has read the Go Mobility Now hire web page https://gomobilitynow.com/terms-and-conditions/ and the customer agrees to the terms and conditions and any charges stated on this publicly available web page.
  12. The Customer cannot recover from the Supplier compensation for any damages (including for consequential loss) arising in respect of this Agreement or the hiring or the use of the Equipment.
  13. The customer agrees that if the hirer wishes to extend the rental period and Go Mobility Now agrees to the extension of the rental this agreement stays in force until the machine is returned. The customer agrees to pay in advance the extension of rental at the normal hire rates as mentioned on the Go Mobility Now hire webpage.
  14. I the hirer agree that delivery/pick up & return days are counted as rental days and are chargeable as rental days.
  15. The customer agrees not to overload the scooter.
  16. All hire is paid in advance by MasterCard, Visa, Bank-transfer or in cash only.
  17. Cancellation of hire: Where proper cancellation notice is given more than 1 month prior to the first hire day, a full refund will be made. Where less than 1 month but more than 5 clear working office days’ proper cancellation notice is given, the Hirer will receive a 50% refund of the total hire cost. Where less than 5 clear working office days’ proper cancellation notice is given, no refund will be made. (NB – the Go Mobility Now working office days’ are Monday – Friday inclusive but exclude all Bank Holidays and Public Holidays).
  18. The machine is provided to you in clean working condition. The rental includes general basic light cleaning of the scooter when it is returned. If the machine is returned in excessively dirty condition as determined by Go Mobility Now, I the customer agree to pay a cleaning fee.
  19. The customer authorizes Go Mobility Now to charge the customer's credit card for any such damages / loss or overdue charges as mentioned in this agreement without consulting the customer.